Best WhatsApp Status Quotes

Best WhatsApp Status Quotes

We all start the day by changing the WhatsApp Status and we like to keep the status according to the mode in which we are. Most of us like to keep best WhatsApp Status Quotes which can inspire you and also the others on watching and sharing.

These quotes will boost your energy to do work with great efforts. WhatsApp Quotes bring enthusiasm and positive energy in life and these are some of the powerful WhatsApp Status.

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Dream As If You’ll Live Forever, Live As If You’ll Die Today

Don’t Depend Too Much On Anyone In This World Because Even Your Own Shadow Leaves You When You Are In Darkness

Life is like ice cream, enjoy it before it melts.

Always live to express reality and not impress a lifestyle

Perfect dress code changes your appearance while a right attitude can transform your life.

Anger is that thing in you that suddenly makes your mouth talk faster and your thinking slower.

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WhatsApp Status Quotes bring positivity in life. We get inspiration from quotes to move forward in life.

Be patient and never rush in life, successful people got their immense breakthrough at their old age.

Fake friends are like shadows. They follow you in the sun and leave you in the dark.

Nothing can hold you back in your life other than your insecurities.

Don’t strive to make your presence noticed, just make your absence felt to others.

Don’t afraid of growing slow, afraid only of standing on same place.

Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until they speak.

There is no market for your emotions so never advertise your feelings just display your ATTITUDE.

Sometimes I wish I was a little girl again because bruised knees heal faster than broken hearts.

Avoid comparing yourself with others. If you do, you’ll lose the chance to see the beauty in you.

WhatsApp Quotes

Use these WhatsApp Quotes where ever you require. These WhatsApp Quotes also remove de motivation from thoughts.

Every new day is another chance to change something in your life, every new day is a chance to feel blessed for what you have.

Always Tell someone how you feel, because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye, but regret can last for a lifetime.

All the help that I offer, the things that I do, I don’t exactly want them to be repaid, I just want them to be appreciated.

We are all in the same game just different levels. Dealing with the same hell just different devils.

Don’t lose hope. When the SUN goes down, the STARS come up.

Argument wins the situation but loses the person. So never argue with your loved ones; because the situation is not important than Your Loved Ones.

”Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.”

Some people wants big house, a fast car and lots of money. Others just want a small cabin in the woods away from those kind of people.

”Mistakes are proof that you are trying.”

“A promise means everything. But once it is broken, sorry means nothing.”

Accept the past for what it was. Acknowledge the present for what it is. Anticipate the future for what it can become.

Life is more beautiful if you smile, and you focus on the good that happens every day.

Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it yet.

Best WhatsApp Status Quotes improvises thoughts in life and keeps motivating during life journey.

Whatever life gives you, even if it hurts, just be strong and act like you’re okay. Strong walls shake but never collapse.

Life is like Facebook. People will like your problems and comment on them but no one’s gonna solve them because everyone is busy updating theirs.

Time is precious, use it wisely.

Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.

When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. And when you have fun, you can do amazing things.

No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.

Exceed your limits every day, overcome your fears every time they arise and then you will know what it is to be a winner.

Sometimes it is better not to resist the pain if the person you love does nothing but hurt you.

Some Best WhatsApp Status

Life isn’t about how many breaths you take but about the moments that take your breathe away.

To be a true champion, you have to keep believing in yourself even when others stop.

It’s never too late to dream another dream or set another goal.

Don’T Afraid Of Being Outnumbered. Eagles Fly Alone. Pigeons Flock Together.

Never Depends On Others Too Much Because Someday You Will Have To Walk Alone.

When You Feel Like You’Re Fighting Alone In Life That’S When You Should Be Fighting The Hardest !

It’s better to be alone than surrounded by people who make you feel alone.

Patience is not about developing the ability to wait. It’s about learning how to keep a good attitude while you’re waiting.

Pretending to be happy when you’re in pain is just an example of how strong you are as a person.

Everyone is going to hurt you. You just have to find the ones who are worth suffering for.

It isn’t the bad memories that make you sad, but the best ones that you can’t bring it back.

We came equals into this world, and equals shall we go out of it.

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.

Do not argue with an idiot, he will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

The greatest pleasure in life is doing the things people say you can’t

Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.

No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.

Silence is a source of great strength.

Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.

Success is a measure as decided by others. Satisfaction is a measure as decided by you!

The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Silent people have the loudest minds.

Life is like riding a bicycle to keep your balance, you must keep moving.

You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.

If you are doing job, you are making someone else dreams true. If you are working for yourself, you are making your own dreams true! Now what you want to choose?

You are on right track when people start underestimating you.

Create a life that you want to jump out of your bed in the morning.

Start building your empire today else someone hires you to make theirs.

A person who decided to not work for only money, are the one who achieve success!

Everybody has a dream BUT true entrepreneur knows how to achieve it.

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

If success was easy to get then nobody would be chasing it.

“If Women Could Read Minds, Every Second Man Will Get Slapped.”

“Being someone’s first love may be great, but to be their last is beyond perfect.”

“A successful relationship requires falling in love many times, always with the same “person.

Confidence is that attire that no money can buy.

Don’t let anyone to make you believe that you cannot do it.

Business is the only game that you never lose. You either win or learn.

”Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them but you know they’re always there.”

You can only predict future by creating it.

Always think like entrepreneur.

“I’ve Finally Realized Something: What Other People Think and Say about Me Is None of My Business.”

Hustle until you no need to give introduction about yourself.

Failure is accepted but not trying is not accepted.

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Wake up with strong desires and sleep with satisfaction.

Either run your life or life will run you.

If you are true entrepreneur then you are dare not a dreamer.

“Don’t Lose Hope. You never know what tomorrow will bring for you.”

The best thing you can do with yourself ‘believe in you’.

Entrepreneur is not someone who just runs a business but who makes dream come true.

Entrepreneur doesn’t finish his work when he is tired but when he is done.

Every success story starts with lot of rejections.

No one is responsible for saving you from failure, you are responsible for yourself.

“When you are good to others you will receive it back. When you feel good about yourself you will shine in other people’s eyes. Give and don’t expect anything back. You will be astonished.”

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If you want to do something ‘DO IT’ now. Sometimes latter can become never.

A smooth road never makes a brilliant driver.

Being an entrepreneur is a lonely journey. Do not expect any companion.

Your biggest fear carries your greatest GROWTH.

Life starts on that moment when you don’t have fear of losing anything!

“Every morning reminds me of all the wrong dreams I had been chasing all my life until I found the right one.

Life making MISTAKES is more honourable than doing NOTHING.

You don’t need full blueprint plan of your idea, you just need to START.

Don’t worry about copying your work by others, worry about the day when they don’t.

Behind every successful person there is a lot of unsuccessful attempts and sacrifices.

Some Other WhatsApp Status

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Innovation is a result of many failure to achieve success.

“Like the sunshine in the morning, may this brighten your day, and remind you that you’re thought of in a very warm way.”

“Great success is born of great sacrifice”.

Entrepreneurship is a beautiful journey where you meet many failures in your way to success!

Every Failure leave two choices: a) Give Up b) Try again & Rise Against Failure!

“Love is like a rubber band you need to hold it from both the sides by two people. When one leaves it hurts”.

“Things work out for those who know how to use it wisely”.

“Build your own DREAM or someone else’s the decision is yours”.

“Listen to your heart above all other voices.”

Friendship Quotes

Friendship isn’t something that can be written down on paper – even paper can be torn. We can’t draw it on rocks because even those can be broken. But we can write them in our hearts where they will stay with us forever“.

“A friend is someone who can see the truth and pain in you even when you are fooling everyone else.”

Don’t make friends before understand and don’t break friendship after misunderstanding.

The best thing about a friend is that he will be there supporting you without hesitation, without fear and will always know what to do.

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